Backpacker Magazine Fall Gear Guide

We appreciate it when professionals in the field take the time to eat and then write about our food. It makes us even more hardened that we are on the right path with our passion to get good, delicious food out to those who need it. We are busy this winter in the kitchen with our creative hats on coming up with new meals to tempt your palette for 2013. We are hoping to stretch our culinary menu to include some pasta, couscous, and lentils.  

We like to toot our own horn and for those who did not see the comments that were written about our Three Sisters Scramble and our Chicken Pot Pie~ here they are!

From Backpacker Magazine Fall Gear Guide:

Hungry Hikers Three Sisters Scramble
Packed with sausage, potatoes, onions, and cheese, this double-serving, egg-based scramble is hearty enough as a meal on its own, but also works well as a protein-packed bagel or tortilla topper. “Fresh from the kitchen” is how one tester described the texture of the sausage and eggs, adding, “let it rehydrate for a few minutes longer than the recommended four minutes to avoid dry, spongy-textured potatoes.” 

Hungry Hikers Chicken Pot Pie
With a buttery mashed potato base, real chunks of chicken, and a medley of veggies that rehydrated to their original texture, this meal was a winner with testers. “It tastes like real food—it’s in a totally different league than other pre-packaged pot pies,” says one. To soften the veggies and meat and fully thicken the gravy requires at least 10 minutes of simmer time; pack sufficient fuel.

Kim Gerhardt
Kim Gerhardt