Memories to Last a Life Time

 Tucked away in the western corner of northern California are the Trinity Alps and the Marble Mountain Wilderness -in between is the Russian Wilderness. The Klamath National Forest Service, headquartered in Yreka, CA are the guardians of this forest. Growing up in southern Oregon the trip to the Marble Mtns. was about an hour. Now living in northern Oregon the trip is more like six and a half, but worth every minute. My brother from Seattle and his family, wife Roxanne, Zach (13) and Konrad (10) along with their four year old chocolate lab Kona joined us for the trip. On July 3rd we hit the road and arrived in Yreka late that afternoon, checked out the Klamath Nat'l Forest headquarters and found a camping site along the Scott River. On Independence Day, July 4th we drove to Lover's Camp trail head and started our adventure. 


We hiked six miles to the Sky High Lakes the first day. The second day we hiked up the ridge onto the Pacific Crest Trail for a minute to Shadow Lake. The boys enjoyed fishing catching a dozen trout that second day. They were taught the value of catch and release and the sport of fishing and not necessarily counting how many you keep. 


The snow had recently melted at 6,000ft so the flowers were beautiful along the trail; columbine, Indian paint brush, snow lilies, lupine, pretty yellow and white flowers, lush green meadows. We hiked to Deep Lake the third day and spent all day Saturday exploring and of course more fishing. The boys said that the best part of the backpacking trip was the fishing and the food. Hungry Hiker meals were served up every evening- Murray's Hurried Curry was a crowd favorite, along with Stroganoff and a couple of experiential dishes with pasta and rice. 


                Memories to last a life time

Hungry Hikers is having a blast giving out free samples of our yummy food. Come on down or you'll miss the amazing chicken curry!!!! We're in both #153 at the Convention Center.


A few years ago I took a trip to Maui. We got off the plane and our first stop was Costco. Our accommodations had a kitchen and so we thought we would buy some food and cook some of our meals instead of eating out. This worked out great but after the third night of Ahi tuna steaks things were getting a little old. If only Hungry Hikers meals had been around then I could have brought with me Beef Stroganoff, Sheppard’s Pie and some Curry/Couscous to break up the monotony of Ahi tuna steaks. We had a kitchen with a stove top, a pot and water. All it would have taken was 12-15 minutes to cook a delicious meal, compliment it would some fresh bread and mango slices. Nummy! Something to think about the next time you travel…pack along a couple Hungry Hikers meals to eat on the cheap.  


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