Take a Meal to Maui


A few years ago I took a trip to Maui. We got off the plane and our first stop was Costco. Our accommodations had a kitchen and so we thought we would buy some food and cook some of our meals instead of eating out. This worked out great but after the third night of Ahi tuna steaks things were getting a little old. If only Hungry Hikers meals had been around then I could have brought with me Beef Stroganoff, Sheppard’s Pie and some Curry/Couscous to break up the monotony of Ahi tuna steaks. We had a kitchen with a stove top, a pot and water. All it would have taken was 12-15 minutes to cook a delicious meal, compliment it would some fresh bread and mango slices. Nummy! Something to think about the next time you travel…pack along a couple Hungry Hikers meals to eat on the cheap.  

Kim Gerhardt
Kim Gerhardt


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