Product Care

Tent Care Instructions:

If slightly soiled, set up tent and sponge soiled area with warm water and mild soap. Do not use detergent, bleach or pre-soaking solutions. Do not soak in a tub. Let the tent air dry completely before storing.

Fabric and polyurethane coating are damaged by ultraviolet light and will decrease the tear strength of the fabric over time.
The growth of mildew, which occurs when the tent is stored damp or wet, will cause delamination of the floor and fly sheet coating.
Careful site selection, avoidance of extended periods of sun, and thoroughly drying the tent after each use will increase the life of your  tent.


Sleeping Bag Care Instructions:

Do NOT dry clean.

Laundering Options:
Hand wash in cold water with mild soap.
Machine wash using a front loading washer, gentle cycle, with cold water and mild soap. Do not use a top loading washing machine.
Detergents should not be used, as they will break down materials and decrease product performance.
Do not use bleach. Ensure product is fully rinsed.
Do not wring out or twist. Take care not to stretch or pull when wet.
Water weight can strain seams, careful handling is required when wet to prevent damage.
Air dry, line dry or use a large commercial dryer on low heat.
Refluff with hands periodically while drying.
Always dry completely before storing.
Sleeping bags will burn. Keep away from fire sources.


Stacie Murray
Stacie Murray


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