Hungry Hikers Book of Good Cooking

 Hungry Hikers Book of Good Cooking by Gretchen McHugh

Publisher: Knopf  June 12, 1982

A cookbook that tells you how to prepare your own delicious fresh foods ahead of time at home and then cook them outdoors over a camp stove or fire. Over 135 recipes.

I loved this book. I still have this book and look at the notes that I penciled in the margins 20+years ago.

Back in the day...and with the invention of the Zip lock bag made organizing ingredients and packaging meals  easier. The recipes allowed us to graduate from top ramen noodles to elbow macaroni and spaghetti sauce leather.

I can remember dehydrating meat and veggie for the meals for a two week trip on the PCT in the North Cascades with my younger brother. He was still in college so I was responsible for getting all the food ready for the trip. The book was a life saver and we ate well. Now two decades later I am still creating backpacking meals...this time with more resources and freeze dried fruits, veggie and meats. Boiling water is not hard to do but making the meal delicious ...leave that to us...and you can take all the credit.

Kim Gerhardt
Kim Gerhardt


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April 13, 2011

That’s really neat! Is the book still in print?

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