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Nutiom, LLC located just up the road (I-5) in Lacy Washington. During our search for freeze dried eggs we found ONE BETTER (and closer). A small family-owned compant that focuses on developing food technologies and ways to make our food last longer without sacrificing the taste and purity of the product. They have done just that with their Egg Crystals.  

All-natural Egg Crystals:

A quote from their website:

"Have you ever heard of sun-dried tomatoes? We decided to take a hint from Mother Nature and copy her at her best. We've discovered a way to use the same principles that go into making sun-dried fruits and apply it to one of Mother Nature's most amazing foods...egg! We start with wholesome fresh eggs and gently evaporate the water, leaving only little crystals of pure egg. That's why we call them egg crystals!

We've been working a on new food dehydration technology since 2001. We've invented a way of drying eggs so that they keep all of their fresh flavor and functionality. Our egg crystals are the only dehydrated egg that actually tastes just like fresh eggs. And since we focus on the fundamental processing technology itself, we don't need to add chemicals, preservatives or any other additives to our products." No freeze drying done on these eggs. Trust me they are delicious. We sell them in our grocery store and they will be part of several breakfast meals that will be avaliable soon.

Give em a try.

Lisa Winchester
Lisa Winchester


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