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Portland, Oregon March 6, 2012  – Hungry Hikers has been honored as a recipient of a 2012 Backpacker magazine Editors’ Choice Award, the most prestigious award in the outdoor industry, given annually to products in recognition of their outstanding innovation in design, materials and/or performance.The Backpacker Editors’ Choice Awards, bestowed annually since 1993, honor the products that Backpacker editors have chosen as the best of the year based on months of trail testing by teams of highly experienced hikers and climbers. With no set categories for the awards and no set number of recipients, the products and the testing process drive the award categories.

Hungry Hikers’, Murray’s Hurried Curry was one of only 13 innovative products that have been honored with a 2012 Backpacker Editors’ Choice Award. Hungry Hikers’ is an exciting new company based in Portland, Oregon that supplies unparalleled, delicious and hearty meals to the outdoor enthusiast. Tried and tested in a variety of climates, altitudes and geo-locations, the innovative and lightweight pre-packaged meals have earned an impressive 100% approval rating.  Murray’s Hurried Curry a gourmet meal that is in your pot and on your plate almost as fast as you can say it. A rich blend of curry, coconut and chicken that will draw those around you to come over and ask: “What smells so good?”

"BACKPACKER gear reviews have many imitators, a few competitors, and no equals," said Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Dorn. "That's because no other magazine or website conducts in-depth field-testing as vigorously or impartially as the crew led by Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter. With a core team that has several centuries of combined trail time, along with first descents, decades of retail experience, and expertise in every backcountry discipline, Kristin puts new products through an unprecedented level of real-world abuse in every terrain and weather imaginable. She also oversees a transparent process that has earned an unrivaled amount of trust from readers, retailers, and manufacturers. The results are reviews that lead consumers to smart, durable products that consistently prove their worth with years of best-in-class performance."

“This is amazing validation for our product and our company. We feel that food; especially pre-packaged meals have been a long forgotten area in the outdoor retail market. We are excited about igniting the outdoor food revolution”, says Kim Gerhardt co-owner of Hungry Hikers’ with Stacie Murray and Lisa Winchester.

Since their inception, the Backpacker Editors’ Choice Awards have come to be regarded as the most sought-after award for outdoor equipment and apparel found in the industry.  The impeccable outdoor credentials and rigorous field-testing standards of the Backpacker staff guarantee that these awards are an undisputed mark of quality for the companies and products selected.

All winners must excel under extensive field-testing conducted by Backpacker’s team of editors, who take hundreds of new products every year into the backcountry to put them to the test.  This rigorous process ensures that the performance of the winners is truly worthy of distinction and meets the guiding principle behind the program: gear that is of real value to the readers of Backpacker magazine, who are very active, long-term outdoor enthusiasts.  

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Kim Gerhardt
Kim Gerhardt


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Charlotte Peterson
Charlotte Peterson

April 20, 2012

WOW! Kim! I am anxious to taste it!

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