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The Three Sisters are located in the Cascade Range in Central Oregon. The Three Sisters (North Sister at 10,085 feet, Middle Sister at 10,047 feet, and South Sister at 10,358 feet) are found in the eastern portion of the Wilderness. There are 14 glaciers offering one of the best examples of the effects of glaciation in the Pacific Northwest. Collier Glacier, between North and Middle Sister, is the largest glacier in Oregon. The South and Middle Sisters are not technically difficult climbs, but the North requires technical expertise and equipment. One of my mom's claims to fame is a summit of the South Sister.   

People with a knack for history know that The Sisters were named Faith, Hope and Charity by early settlers and that the Bachelor is near by. I know them more intimately North, Middle and South Sister. My earliest memories are of my families 50 miler backpacking trips in the Three Sisters Wilderness. More than 260 miles of trails cross the Wilderness, including 40 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. The PCT travels along side The Sisters on it's way to the Jefferson Wilderness area.

So in honor of the Three Sister Wilderness we are adding to our menu a breakfast scramble- Three Sisters Scramble. Eggs, sausage, potato, diced tomato and cheese with spices. We suggest bringing along your favorite salsa packet and some corn or flour tortillas. Making it a wonderful breakfast, fueling you for your adventures of the day ahead.  


Kim Gerhardt
Kim Gerhardt


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