Whitney “ALLGOOD” LaRuffa and his lab Karluk are long distance hikers and Ruffwear Ambassadors based in the Pacific Northwest. Together they have been busy this winter both hiking as well as sharpening their ski touring and mountaineering skills. With big goals this season, ALLGOOD shared with us some of his training and preparation plans for the miles and miles of trails in their near future.

Tips From ALLGOOD and Karluk-

Weight in Pack: I have been easing Karluk back into to carrying weight. We started with four pounds and have been working up the to the ten pounds he is now carrying. Just like a person I didn't want to over do it when just starting back.

Miles: Just like weight we started slow and built the miles up. Our first few training hikes were  six to seven miles. We then built up to completing a thirteen-mile hike. I think it is best to add a few miles each hike that way when it comes time for back-to-back twenty-five mile days Karluk will be ready and not risk and injury or strain.

Booties: When needed, the Grip Trex boots work well for Karluk. I found that once on, it helps to play ball to get him focused on something else beside trying to get the booties off.

Trail Food: With backpacking season approaching, it is time to start the process of dehydrating food for our trips. I am going to use two separate food items this year.

The first is using the Natural Balance meat logs and crumbling up one feeding size per tray in the dehydrator and then dehydrating the food to be reconstituted later on the trail.

The second dehydrated meal I will be making is a homemade recipe. In this, I mix cooked brown rice, chicken breast, beef liver and pumpkin puree in a large pot and then place it in the dehydrator. I then package the dried food into food saver bags. When on trail, all I have to do is add one and a half to two cups of boiling water, then seep and occasionally stir until it rehydrates. This usually takes ten to fifteen minutes.

By making my own dehydrated food, I can lighten Karluk’s food weight for him, and also ensure he is getting the proper nutrition and extra calories needed when on trail.

by ruffwear

Guess who's turning 3 yrs old today... that's right Hungry Hikers! We appreciate the support we've received from each of you, our valued customers and as a way to say 'thanks', use HH2014 when ordering your meals during our Birthday Month (April) and you'll receive a 5% discount. 

We look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with all of you!

Hello Hungry Hikers. We are so excited to be back online and getting people excited for the 2014 season. We have traveled all over the world getting inspired and spreading the good news of Hungry Hikers. 

Let's start with what to pack in your kitchen spice kit. 

The Trail Trinity…

Cooking on the trail can be both amazing and frustrating. Amazing when you get off from a long day of pushing yourself to get to that perfect clearing, set up camp and begin to cook your meal. You are at once transported to another world with rich smells of exotic places and hot cooked delicious food you can’t wait to put in your mouth. It can also be frustrating if you find yourself at that perfect clearing and you begin to cook your meal and all you have to add to it is water.

Let me share with you the trinity of spices that every cook kit should have right next to the basics.

Curry- It warms the belly and feeds the soul. The smell and richness, it adds to just about anything and can spice up the meals you bring on your trip. If you're one that says “I hate curry, it’s too spicy” I encourage you to try your basic grocery store curry bottle. It adds flavor, not heat... that’s a whole other topic to talk about later.

Tarragon- Ahhh my favorite spice. Tarragon is a great addition both to your camping cook kit and for your home. It adds a subtle sweetness and can be paired with just about anything you would add basil or thyme to. Try it in soups, tuna, red sauces, creamy sauces heck.. just try it.

Smoked Paprika- Now if the first thing you think about is that red stuff that you see when you sit down at Grandma’s house and it’s covering those delicious mashed potatoes or those yummy deviled eggs and you have no idea what it is… this is not that. Smoked Paprika is a rich, smoky and fragrant spice that will add a pinch of exotic to any trail meal you bring. People will be pawning all over you for your “secret ingredient”.


 I love this time of year in the Pacific Northwest, when the trees are blooming, tulips and daphne are making their spring appearance, and Trailspace is highlighting great new gear. 

As they say themselves they are  "an active community of outdoor gear geeks, reviewing and discussing backcountry gear since 2001." If it exists then they have more they likely posted a review of the gear, from backpacks, sleeping bags, water filters, clothing... It is a great place to start your research on that new piece of gear that you want to get this year. 

Take a peek...Trailspace  


Backpacker Magazine Fall Gear Guide


Backpacker Magazine Fall Gear Guide

We appreciate it when professionals in the field take the time to eat and then write about our food. It makes us even more hardened that we are on the right path with our passion to get good, delicious food out to those who need it. We are busy this winter in the kitchen with our creative hats on coming up with new meals to tempt your palette for 2013. We are hoping to stretch our culinary menu to include some pasta, couscous, and lentils.  

We like to toot our own horn and for those who did not see the comments that were written about our Three Sisters Scramble and our Chicken Pot Pie~ here they are!

From Backpacker Magazine Fall Gear Guide:

Hungry Hikers Three Sisters Scramble
Packed with sausage, potatoes, onions, and cheese, this double-serving, egg-based scramble is hearty enough as a meal on its own, but also works well as a protein-packed bagel or tortilla topper. “Fresh from the kitchen” is how one tester described the texture of the sausage and eggs, adding, “let it rehydrate for a few minutes longer than the recommended four minutes to avoid dry, spongy-textured potatoes.” 

Hungry Hikers Chicken Pot Pie
With a buttery mashed potato base, real chunks of chicken, and a medley of veggies that rehydrated to their original texture, this meal was a winner with testers. “It tastes like real food—it’s in a totally different league than other pre-packaged pot pies,” says one. To soften the veggies and meat and fully thicken the gravy requires at least 10 minutes of simmer time; pack sufficient fuel.


Memories to Last a Life Time

 Tucked away in the western corner of northern California are the Trinity Alps and the Marble Mountain Wilderness -in between is the Russian Wilderness. The Klamath National Forest Service, headquartered in Yreka, CA are the guardians of this forest. Growing up in southern Oregon the trip to the Marble Mtns. was about an hour. Now living in northern Oregon the trip is more like six and a half, but worth every minute. My brother from Seattle and his family, wife Roxanne, Zach (13) and Konrad (10) along with their four year old chocolate lab Kona joined us for the trip. On July 3rd we hit the road and arrived in Yreka late that afternoon, checked out the Klamath Nat'l Forest headquarters and found a camping site along the Scott River. On Independence Day, July 4th we drove to Lover's Camp trail head and started our adventure. 


We hiked six miles to the Sky High Lakes the first day. The second day we hiked up the ridge onto the Pacific Crest Trail for a minute to Shadow Lake. The boys enjoyed fishing catching a dozen trout that second day. They were taught the value of catch and release and the sport of fishing and not necessarily counting how many you keep. 


The snow had recently melted at 6,000ft so the flowers were beautiful along the trail; columbine, Indian paint brush, snow lilies, lupine, pretty yellow and white flowers, lush green meadows. We hiked to Deep Lake the third day and spent all day Saturday exploring and of course more fishing. The boys said that the best part of the backpacking trip was the fishing and the food. Hungry Hiker meals were served up every evening- Murray's Hurried Curry was a crowd favorite, along with Stroganoff and a couple of experiential dishes with pasta and rice. 


                Memories to last a life time

The Three Sisters are located in the Cascade Range in Central Oregon. The Three Sisters (North Sister at 10,085 feet, Middle Sister at 10,047 feet, and South Sister at 10,358 feet) are found in the eastern portion of the Wilderness. There are 14 glaciers offering one of the best examples of the effects of glaciation in the Pacific Northwest. Collier Glacier, between North and Middle Sister, is the largest glacier in Oregon. The South and Middle Sisters are not technically difficult climbs, but the North requires technical expertise and equipment. One of my mom's claims to fame is a summit of the South Sister.   

People with a knack for history know that The Sisters were named Faith, Hope and Charity by early settlers and that the Bachelor is near by. I know them more intimately North, Middle and South Sister. My earliest memories are of my families 50 miler backpacking trips in the Three Sisters Wilderness. More than 260 miles of trails cross the Wilderness, including 40 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. The PCT travels along side The Sisters on it's way to the Jefferson Wilderness area.

So in honor of the Three Sister Wilderness we are adding to our menu a breakfast scramble- Three Sisters Scramble. Eggs, sausage, potato, diced tomato and cheese with spices. We suggest bringing along your favorite salsa packet and some corn or flour tortillas. Making it a wonderful breakfast, fueling you for your adventures of the day ahead.  




 The industry’s most coveted award honors the best new gear

and essentials for outdoor enthusiasts


Portland, Oregon March 6, 2012  – Hungry Hikers has been honored as a recipient of a 2012 Backpacker magazine Editors’ Choice Award, the most prestigious award in the outdoor industry, given annually to products in recognition of their outstanding innovation in design, materials and/or performance.The Backpacker Editors’ Choice Awards, bestowed annually since 1993, honor the products that Backpacker editors have chosen as the best of the year based on months of trail testing by teams of highly experienced hikers and climbers. With no set categories for the awards and no set number of recipients, the products and the testing process drive the award categories.

Hungry Hikers’, Murray’s Hurried Curry was one of only 13 innovative products that have been honored with a 2012 Backpacker Editors’ Choice Award. Hungry Hikers’ is an exciting new company based in Portland, Oregon that supplies unparalleled, delicious and hearty meals to the outdoor enthusiast. Tried and tested in a variety of climates, altitudes and geo-locations, the innovative and lightweight pre-packaged meals have earned an impressive 100% approval rating.  Murray’s Hurried Curry a gourmet meal that is in your pot and on your plate almost as fast as you can say it. A rich blend of curry, coconut and chicken that will draw those around you to come over and ask: “What smells so good?”

"BACKPACKER gear reviews have many imitators, a few competitors, and no equals," said Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Dorn. "That's because no other magazine or website conducts in-depth field-testing as vigorously or impartially as the crew led by Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter. With a core team that has several centuries of combined trail time, along with first descents, decades of retail experience, and expertise in every backcountry discipline, Kristin puts new products through an unprecedented level of real-world abuse in every terrain and weather imaginable. She also oversees a transparent process that has earned an unrivaled amount of trust from readers, retailers, and manufacturers. The results are reviews that lead consumers to smart, durable products that consistently prove their worth with years of best-in-class performance."

“This is amazing validation for our product and our company. We feel that food; especially pre-packaged meals have been a long forgotten area in the outdoor retail market. We are excited about igniting the outdoor food revolution”, says Kim Gerhardt co-owner of Hungry Hikers’ with Stacie Murray and Lisa Winchester.

Since their inception, the Backpacker Editors’ Choice Awards have come to be regarded as the most sought-after award for outdoor equipment and apparel found in the industry.  The impeccable outdoor credentials and rigorous field-testing standards of the Backpacker staff guarantee that these awards are an undisputed mark of quality for the companies and products selected.

All winners must excel under extensive field-testing conducted by Backpacker’s team of editors, who take hundreds of new products every year into the backcountry to put them to the test.  This rigorous process ensures that the performance of the winners is truly worthy of distinction and meets the guiding principle behind the program: gear that is of real value to the readers of Backpacker magazine, who are very active, long-term outdoor enthusiasts.  

About Backpacker:

Backpacker ( brings the outdoors straight to the reader's doorstep, inspiring and enabling them to go more places and enjoy nature more often.

On the east coast you have the AT- the Appalachian Trail here on the west coast we have the PCT- the Pacific Crest Tail. The PCT was designated one of the first scenic trails in the National Trails System authorized by Congress in 1968, and was dedicated in 1993. Traversing from (south to north) Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington. Now hikers can enjoy another amazing trail the 1200 mile Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail (PNNST), running from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean, ranks among the most scenic trails in the world. This carefully chosen path is high for the views and long on adventure. It includes the Rocky Mountains, Selkirk Mountains, Pasayten Wilderness, North Cascades, Olympic Mountains, and Wilderness Coast. The trail crosses 3 National Parks and 7 National Forests. Check out the article "America's Newest Long Trail" highlighting a 100+ miles section of the trail in northeastern Washington trail  (Okanogan National Forest to Ross Lake) in the recent Backpacker Magazine (March.2012).

Take a look at the Pacific National Trail Association home page. 

Hungry Hikers met a group of great guys yesterday at the Coffee Fair in Portland. They were very enthusiastic about their coffee; Black Butte Gold, Metolius Blend, a wonderfully roasted Guatemalan (just to name a few).

We got to talking with them, over a wonderful cup of Guatemalan, about our shared belief that just because you are out in the wilderness (far away from your coffee maker) doesn't mean you can't enjoy the finer things in life.

Check out this video.

Hungry Hikers hopes to carry their beans in 2012!! Along with the necessary pieces of equipment to make that Perfect Cup of Joe.