This morning Hungry Hikers got an email from a woman in Connecticut who politely brought to our attention our omission of the Girl Scouts in our group discounts. We looked at each other and said "How did we miss that we were both Girl Scouts? " In the hustle and bustle of setting up the website we did forget the Girl Scouts. We greatly appreciate the email from someone who noticed and was thoughtful enough to send us a message to fix the error. It has been fixed and the Girl Scouts have been added to our community page. 

Hungry Hikers supports all groups that gets kids out into the woods to experience it and to develop self reliance and self confidence.

 What do you do with freeze dried tomatoes, eggs and sausage? Add water and scramble to make a wonderful breakfast for the most ravenous of 8 year old nephew. Now if Greg likes a meal you know you have a winner and when he asks for seconds it confirmed that I had a new meal.The day was spent backpacking uphill along the Herman Creek trail in the Gorge. We had planned to hike through Jefferson Park in central Oregon but snow in July changed our plans. I am not talking about a patch of snow here and there, that we could of managed. But the snow pack at 5000 ft was still a solid four feet thick and every where. With a change of plans we found our selves in the forest of the Gorge hiking amongst the forest with gifts of waterfalls and trillium. At camp for dinner Greg cooked up some beef stroganoff with gusto. He is a professional noodle taster and after half a dozen Country Pasta noodles tasted/tested we were served a wonderful, tasty bowl of stroganoff. 

And for dessert my niece Allison got creative with chocolate graham crackers and instant vanilla pudding. A trick I learned a long time ago and one that she mastered this summer. A package of vanilla pudding and dry instant milk added together in a zip lock. At camp add water and spend the next ten minutes mixing, squishing and tossing the zip lock (praying it stays sealed) around to mix the pudding. As it sets grab the bag of graham crackers and smash into tiny bits. Pour a layer of crackers into your bowl, cut a corner off the pudding bag and squeeze some pudding onto the crackers. Dig in.

It has been fun to see my niece and nephew backpacking and to hear them talk along the trail. On the way out back to the car, Allison was hot on my heals. I turned around to see how she was doing and she had stopped. She was looking out into the forest across the valley we had just hiked. She said that she thought " Only a hundred or so people have seen all these trees" I confirmed her thought and told her that I thought what we were looking at was how Lewis and Clark saw it over 200 years ago and how I hoped she would become a steward of these forests so that the next 100 people could enjoy it.

Happy Trails

Living in the Pacific Northwest provides many early season hiking opportunities. Some folks like to go the the coastal range, my favorite destination is the Columbia River Gorge. With many hikes just an hour east of Portland and a higher percentage of likely sunshine the Gorge provides the landscape for some spectacular hiking. Over the past couple of weeks we hiked one of my favorites Angles Rest and added a new one to the list Herman Creek/Nick Eaton Ridge. Angles Rest is a comfortable 4.6 mile out and back hike. Elevation gain is 1880ft and the views from the top are awesome. We were welcomed with huge patches of star-flowered Smiliacina and trillium along the trail. And of course the panoramic view of the Gorge from the top. A quick bit to eat, soak in the view and we were back in the car all within 3 hours. A great hike if you are short on time but have to get on the trail.  

Trailhead directions: Eastbound on I-84 Take Bridal veil exit # 28. The trailhead is south of the Historic Columbia River Highway, opposite the junction with the interstate access road in Bridal veil. Westbound I-84 Take Ainsworth State Park exit # 35 and follow the Historic Columbia River Highway for 7.1 miles (11.4 km).
This past Monday we ventured a bit further east on I-84 to Herman Creek trailhead were we hiked UP to Nick Eaton Ridge. The trailhead starts at Herman Ck. and splits .6 miles from the start and begins to climb. Elevation gain is 2800 in 2.6 miles. Bring a map because there are several trail junctions as this is a jumping off point for many hikes in the Gorge. Beginning with a cutoff to the Pacific Crest Trail (#2000), Gorge Trail (#400), Gorton Creek Trail (#408) Herman Creek Trail (#406) and Nick Eaton Way (#477). We did a loop starting on Herman Creek Trail and then turning left onto Gorton Creek Trail to a junction with Nick Eaton Ridge cutoff trail which climbs to the top of the ridge. We stopped for lunch before hiking down the 2800 ft. that we had just mastered. All in all a wonderful hike with many vista view points of Gorge and Bison Plateau to the west.
Trailhead directions:Take I-84 East from Portland about 40 miles and take exit 44 for Cascade Locks. Take the road through town, East, then under the freeway, continue East on the frontage road on the South side of the freeway for about 2 more miles to the Herman Creek Campground sign.
Ranger Contact: Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, 503-668-1440

 Embark is an adventure travel company that offers once-in-a-lifetime adventures for clients who want to explore the most remote corners of the planet. Tour the world's great frontiers, summit some of its highest peaks, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, embark on a Tanzania safari, trek through the villages of Nepal or Bhutan, and interact with locals on a level most tourists only dream of.

Posted on their blog May 2, 2011

"We at Embark always love to see and cheer on other Portlanders working on projects in the outdoors. The latest to come across our radar is a great little outfit run by three women out of NE Portland called Hungry Hikers. Their tagline says it all: “We fuel your adventure.” From classics like Beef Stroganoff (pictured) and Sheppard’s Pie to the more unique Forest Park Pilaf and Cascade Corn Chowder, this lineup is looking stellar. Check out their full line of yumminess via their online store, where one meal costs $8.99."


Check them out you might just find the adventure of a lifetime. 

 Hungry Hikers is having a blast giving out free samples of our yummy food. Come on down or you'll miss the amazing chicken curry!!!! We're in both #153 at the Convention Center.

Nutiom, LLC located just up the road (I-5) in Lacy Washington. During our search for freeze dried eggs we found ONE BETTER (and closer). A small family-owned compant that focuses on developing food technologies and ways to make our food last longer without sacrificing the taste and purity of the product. They have done just that with their Egg Crystals.  

All-natural Egg Crystals:

A quote from their website:

"Have you ever heard of sun-dried tomatoes? We decided to take a hint from Mother Nature and copy her at her best. We've discovered a way to use the same principles that go into making sun-dried fruits and apply it to one of Mother Nature's most amazing foods...egg! We start with wholesome fresh eggs and gently evaporate the water, leaving only little crystals of pure egg. That's why we call them egg crystals!

We've been working a on new food dehydration technology since 2001. We've invented a way of drying eggs so that they keep all of their fresh flavor and functionality. Our egg crystals are the only dehydrated egg that actually tastes just like fresh eggs. And since we focus on the fundamental processing technology itself, we don't need to add chemicals, preservatives or any other additives to our products." No freeze drying done on these eggs. Trust me they are delicious. We sell them in our grocery store and they will be part of several breakfast meals that will be avaliable soon.

Give em a try.

A few years ago I took a trip to Maui. We got off the plane and our first stop was Costco. Our accommodations had a kitchen and so we thought we would buy some food and cook some of our meals instead of eating out. This worked out great but after the third night of Ahi tuna steaks things were getting a little old. If only Hungry Hikers meals had been around then I could have brought with me Beef Stroganoff, Sheppard’s Pie and some Curry/Couscous to break up the monotony of Ahi tuna steaks. We had a kitchen with a stove top, a pot and water. All it would have taken was 12-15 minutes to cook a delicious meal, compliment it would some fresh bread and mango slices. Nummy! Something to think about the next time you travel…pack along a couple Hungry Hikers meals to eat on the cheap. 


Hungry Hikers is run by three adventures women and is based out of Portland, Oregon.  They took their love of nature and good food and developed an amazing product. Hungry Hiker Meals are innovative hand-packed, gastronomical delights for backpacking, camping or what ever your outdoor adventure might be. 


Hungry Hiker Meals are known as “The One Pot Wonders”.  All you need to do is add water and cook for 12-15 minutes.  You will instantly be transported back to your favorite night out on the town with yummy smells and delicious food.


Hungry Hiker Meals are great at home too with hearty, healthy, unprocessed ingredients. It couldn’t be easier to cook dinner at home all you do is add water and cook for 12-15 minutes…purchase a Hungry Hikers Meal today!

 Hungry Hikers Book of Good Cooking by Gretchen McHugh

Publisher: Knopf  June 12, 1982

A cookbook that tells you how to prepare your own delicious fresh foods ahead of time at home and then cook them outdoors over a camp stove or fire. Over 135 recipes.

I loved this book. I still have this book and look at the notes that I penciled in the margins 20+years ago.

Back in the day...and with the invention of the Zip lock bag made organizing ingredients and packaging meals  easier. The recipes allowed us to graduate from top ramen noodles to elbow macaroni and spaghetti sauce leather.

I can remember dehydrating meat and veggie for the meals for a two week trip on the PCT in the North Cascades with my younger brother. He was still in college so I was responsible for getting all the food ready for the trip. The book was a life saver and we ate well. Now two decades later I am still creating backpacking meals...this time with more resources and freeze dried fruits, veggie and meats. Boiling water is not hard to do but making the meal delicious ...leave that to us...and you can take all the credit.