Freeze Dried vs Dehydrated… What's the Difference?

Hungry Hikers' meals are created with freeze dried ingredients - that's real food! This gives the food when it is cooked a consistency that is more inline with fresh ingredients. Texture, flavor, smell, appearance all stay true to what the cook is familiar with when they prepare meals made at home. Most of our competetors all use dehydrated foods and ingredients in their meal packs. The act of dehydration actually removes many of the ingredients natural depth that we appreciate in a fresh hot cooked meal. Regardless of the method used to remove the water from the ingredients to make it lightweight enough to travel with, what truly differentiates Hungry Hiker meals is that the camp "chef" cooks the meal in a pot. Cooking the ingredients together with water and heat, not only reintroduces the necessary moisture back into the meal, but brings out the original flavor and texture of the ingredients as well. Water + Heat = Eat!


 How long should I rehydrate my freeze dried vegetables?

When you purchase individual freeze dried vegetables from our grocery store, these light, airy vegetables can be eaten raw, or rehydrated instantly in water. To rehydrate, just add 1 cup of water to 1 cup of vegetables. If you want them cold, let them sit for 15-20 minuets. If you like them hot, heat and cook for 2-3 minuets and serve.


Do your meals really serve two people?

Yes! Hungry Hikers meals serve two generous portions. Unlike some of our competitors, when we say it serves two.. it really does serve two people. Enjoy. 


How long are you meals good for?

Hungry Hikers meals are good for up to two years if they are kept in a dry, cool, dimly lighted place. Some fading of product may occur if left in direct light, but the taste pervails.