What people are saying about our meals:

Hello Hungry Hikers,
My name is Mike , I am a United States Air Force Pararescue men stationed in Portland Oregon. Since first trialing hungry hikers in 2012 via Portland Mountain Shop, I have become a huge fan and advocate of your product. The 304th Rescue Squadron has been a part of several rescue/recoveries in thenorthwest, several of which on Mt. Hood. Our unit has always supported the local mountain shops of Portland and will continue to do so. In addition to our civilian mission we also conduct combat search and rescue operations for the DOD in regions all over the world. I'm currently overseas and was discussing with my team about operating in the alpine environment when the topic of sustenance was brought up. Several team members referenced Mt. House meals, immediately I brought up Hungry Hikers. The team of course seemed a bit skeptical that a freeze dried meal could actually provide such delicious taste. I then cooked Murray's Curry and quickly proved my point.
Thank you Hungry Hikers!

Thank you Hungry Hikers for helping fuel our journey!!!
What an AMAZING adventure! 10,000 ft of ups and downs, 87 miles over 9 days in a part of the country not seen by many. America's backyard is a magical place with many wonders and challenges to test ones true grit..Love 2cTerra and Binger for the motivation on many a long climbs. Also many props to my fellow Team Yellowstone comrades....We Rocked it Brothers!!

 -Terry Moon


Hungry Hiker's at Camp Muir! I love that our neighbors decided to talk to us when they smelled our delicious dinner! We gave a big shout out on the mountain for your Corn Chowder and Chicken Pot Pie! It helped push us to the top of Mt. Rainier!

Thanks Hungry Hikers!"